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Encyclopaedia of Scientific Units, Weights and Measures

SPRINGER Award-winning title in 2005 [PDF file (104 KB)]

Francois Cardarelli - Encyclopaedia of Scientific Units, Weights and Measures - ISBN 185233682XENCYCLOPAEDIA of SCIENTIFIC UNITS, WEIGHTS and MEASURES. Their SI equivalences and origins.

by Francois CARDARELLI

SPRINGER London, New York, Heidelberg, xxiv, 848 pages (2005)

  First edition (June 2003)
  Second printing (December 2003)
  Third printing (January 2005)
  Fourth printing (January 2006)
  Electronic version (September 2006)

ISBN 1-85233-682-X; Hardcover.
1-60119-016-6; Electronic version

(Library of Congress Cataloging No. QC94.C295 2003)

With more than 5,000 units and 35,000 conversion factors The Encyclopaedia of Scientific Units, Weights and Measures covers the full gamut of science, technology and medicine, and deals with US customary, Imperial British, conventional metric, MTS, MKpS, MKSA, CGS (esu, emu and Gaussian), FPS, IPS, atomic units (au), historic and SI units.

The book allows to convert the huge variety of units from all over the world in every period of recorded history into units of the SI. Featuring: * An A - Z of conversion tables for over 5,000 units of measurements. * Tables of units arranged according to the physical quantities (e.g., mass, length, area, volume, density, viscosity, etc.). * Tables of mathematical and fundamental constants. * Listings of professional societies, and national standardization bodies for easy reference. * An extensive bibliography detailing further reading on the multifarious aspects of measurement and its units.

This huge work is simply a "must have" for any reference library frequented by scientists, engineers, and students of any discipline or by those with historical interests in units of measurement such as historians and archaeologists.

CONTENTS [Detailed Table of Content & List of Tables PDF file (88 KB)]: - Introduction.
[Sample sections 1 & 2 PDF file (196 KB)] - The International System of Units (SI). - Other Systems (UK, US, FPS, MTS, MKpS, CGS, IEUS, atomic units, ancient times systems, and obsolete national systems). [Sample section 3 PDF file (996 KB)] - Conversion Tables. - Mathematical and Fundamental Constants. - Appendices. - Bibliography.

For more details or purchase see: www.springer.com or any bookstore near your location such as www.amazon.ca or www.amazon.com or www.amazon.fr or www.amazon.it or www.amazon.es or  www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.de or www.amazon.co.jp

Reviews [top]

"Outstanding Title! … Revised and expanded, this version of Cardarelli's Scientific Unit Conversion (3rd ed., 2002) is a comprehensive list of most scientific units, weights and measures, conversions, and definitions. Providing current and historical units from around the world, this book supplies alphabetically arranged conversion tables for more than 10,000 units of measurement….For archaeologists, historians, mathematicians, and scientists in any field. (D. J. Turner, Choice, 2003)

Articles and Announcements [top]

Here is a comprehensive and up-to-date list of critical review articles and brief announcements of the book.

2005 - Bulletin de l'Union des Physiciens (BUP), May 2005, No. 874 (by Bruno Velay) [PDF file (16 KB)]
2005 - L'actualité Chimique,
January 2005, No. 282, page 54 [PDF file (2.5 MB)].
2004 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the website of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) [Link to the NIST]
2004 - Ultramicroscopy, Volume 101, Issues 2-4, pages 73-103 (by Peter W. Hawkes) [PDF file (316 KB)].
2004 - Metric Today, January-February 2004, pages 3-4 (by Don Hilger)
[PDF file (6.1 MB)].
2003 - Physics Today
, November 2003, Volume 56, page 66 [Link to Physics Today].
2003 - Chemical Engineering
, September 2003, page 12 [PDF file (2.7 MB)].
2003 - Choice's Magazine, (by D. J. Turner) [PDF file (84 KB)].

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A detailed listing of libraries worldwide having at least one copy of the book is provided here

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